In order to share information produced within CENTER OF THE ARCHAEOLOGIES (former Prehistory Center), now available in the cloud, I always did have the support of several units within the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar.

So, Many thanks to António Casimiro Baptista, António Dias, Fátima Paiva, Filomena Casaca, Joana Pimenta, Joaquim Pombo, José Casimiro Pereira, José Ribeiro Mendes, Juvenal Paulino, Marc Lafont, Maria João Bom, Telma Monteiro, Nélia Oliveira, Paulo Crispim, Paulo Freitas, Tânia Matos, Donzília Esteves, Sílvia Silva, Paulo Martinho, Jorge Fernandes e José Andrade. Also my many thanks to the President of Management School, Professor Francisco de Carvalho.

Concerning the work developed by the Fieldwork Unit of the TRANSDISCIPLINARY CENTER OF THE ARCHAEOLOGIES I owe my thanks to all the volunteers and students with whom I shared glorious adventures in the field.

At the university research I also owe thanks to the tutors-teachers who accompanied my training:

Department of History (Classic University of Lisbon);

Professora Doutora Maria Manuela Martins (Vice-Dean of University of Minho);

Professor Doutor Manuel João Maio do Calado (Classic University of Lisbon / University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro);

Professora Doutora Raquel Vilaça (Associate Professor having Aggregate as title), of the History, Archaeology and Arts Department of University of Coimbra).