A - Nature and Institutional Framework

1. The CENTER OF THE ARCHAEOLOGIES, hereinafter referred to as T. C. A., is (under construction).

2. The CENTER OF THE ARCHAEOLOGIEShosts activities in a wide range of areas such as Earth and Life Sciences, Social and Human Sciences and Technologies.

3.  C. A.  does not enjoy legal capacity, basing its operation in existing IPT structures so as to enable more effective and efficient management of available resources.

4.  C. A. can pursue activities within its main scope of intervention, namely the provision of technical consultancy or assistance requested or contracted by public or private, national or international bodies/organisations.

B - Services provided

  1. Excavations / Archaeological surveys;
  2. Archaeological Monitoring of Works;
  3. Environmental Impact Studies in the Heritage domain;
  4. Historical and Archaeological Research;
  5. Cultural Heritage Management.

C -The Fieldwork Unit of the CENTER OF THE ARCHAEOLOGIES develops its main activity in archaeology related areas through activities inherent to archaeological excavations and monitoring, environmental impact studies (Archaeology sector) and scientific consultancy.  They have skills and know-how in excavation techniques, archaeological drawing, topography, archaeological photography, digital image processing and vectorisation using geographic information systems.