Antrope” fits in the general theme: GD 7 - Interdisciplinary (Social Sciences - Interdisciplinary, History and Philosophy of Science).

It is an electronic publication with Periodic Semester Series.

It is edited by the Center of Archaeologies (former Prehistory Center; former Transdisciplinary Center) of Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (Portugal).

It aims to provide a multidisciplinary and cross-cutting informational space between the Social, Human, Earth and Life Sciences.

The content is intended to be freely accessible, allowing researchers to obtain freely available information thereby increasing the exchange of Knowledge.

Accepts original and unpublished contributions in the areas of Archeology, History, Didactics of Archeology, Archaeometry, Biological Anthropology, Zooarchaeology, Traceology, Provenance of Raw Materials and other related areas applied to Archaeological Heritage.

The deadline for acceptance of papers to be blind refereed is:

May 30th for the number of July.

October 30th for the number of December.  

We accept papers written in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Italian.

We also accept Bilingual articles written in other languages if they will send with proper translation into English.

Papers will be reviewed by researchers belonging to the Reading Committee (peer review) and/or other researchers according to the topics submitted, as well as the Editorial Board.

This journal is intended to be a free open-access publication in order to enhance the exchange of Knowledge and information in Archaeology.


Antrope consists of:

      1. Annuel Periodical Publication;

      2. Monographic Serie;

      3. Pro-Proceedings.


It is officially registered in the Portuguese National Library under the number ISSN 2183-1386

It is officially registered to under INPI and enroll to ERC


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8 . julho . 2018

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Ana Cruz

Download (pdf) >>


Menir da Tapada da Morena, um novo monumento megalítico no concelho da Vidigueira

Manuel Diniz Cortes e Manuel Calado

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


A Mamoa da Eireira (Alfife, Viana do Castelo): um esboço monográfico preliminar

Fábio Soares

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


A Integração Histórica dos monumentos epigráficos

José d’Encarnação

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Revisão sobre o Património Islâmico em Portugal: monumentos, sítios e conjuntos classificados no Algarve

Cátia Teixeira e Roxane Matias

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


La Documentazione del Disastro: il Terremoto in Archeologia - Spunti per una Riflessione

Enrico Roncallo

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Terra Preta de índio: análise de um património brasileiro

Maria Clara Costa

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Memoria e Patrimônio: casas de fazenda da região Seridó, Nordeste do Brasil

Maria Rita de Lima Assunção

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


A Sexta Extinção em Massa numa Perspectiva: Arqueológica: uma reflexão a respeito da agência conjunta de humanos e objetos sobre a biodiversidade

Orestes Jayme Mega, Maico Parisoto, Janaine Kátia Cavazzola e Isabel Teresinha Zaccani Ferreira

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Geoarqueologia: uma Ciência Auxiliar ou uma Ciência Independente? Reflexão Teórico- Metodológica

Cátia Sofia Machado Teixeira

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>

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